EPS provides a bespoke design service for the Medium Voltage Switchgear manufacturer. EPS utilises Solidworks Premium CAD software which enables excellent translation capabilities to convert CAD files into our customers’ native CAD formats.

Finite Element Analysis based stress and motion analysis tools enable our designers to model and analyse designs prior to building prototypes. 

Prototype Manufacture

Unlike competitors who rely upon outsourcing, EPS has internal prototype manufacturing facilities equipped with CAD CAM links to CNC machining centres. This speeds up the development process and protects client confidentiality. 


Our extensive experience in insulation materials, manufacturing technologies and switchgear applications underpins tour ability to provide comprehensive and authoritative advice.. So whether it is facility design, product portfolio advice, technical reports, feasibility studies and quality procedures EPS can assist. EPS also has a global “pool” of technical experts available for our clients’ specialist requirements.