Contract Design And Development Services

EPS UK offers contract design and development services for industry.

Our experienced engineers and draftsmen ensure that your design requirements are met in an efficient and timely manner.

We can accommodate files from a wide range of 3D drafting packages, and if required, the designs can be modelled or manufactured as functional components using rapid prototyping techniques.

Whether it is single component or complete equipment design, you can be assured that the latest technologies will be employed.

Often client’s design requirements are such that the products must meet internationally recognised specifications. EPS will ensure that all drawings meet relevant international standards. In order to protect our clients' competitive edge EPS takes every reasonable step to ensure client confidentiality at all levels.

There are many other benefits to working in partnership with EPS.

Contract Design and Development Services and Resources we offer include:

  •  Drafting 2D / 3D
  •  Component design
  • Production tooling design and manufacture
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Electrical mechanical and thermal Finite Element Analysis
  • Test equipment for OEMs
  •  Facility design for OEMs
  • Electronic circuit design – monitoring and control