KEMA High - Power Laboratory

KEMA’s High - Power Laboratory is the world’s largest independent high power testing facility.

In this laboratory very sophisticated equipment is used, such as a vacuum circuit breaker, capable of making and breaking resistive loads.

The specific phenomenon, at closing, on to a resistive load is the high di/dt, which may lead to a firm weld of the contacts in the vacuum interrupter.

This vacuum circuit breaker, specially developed by Brian McKean Associates for KEMA High – Power Laboratory, is capable of coping with these severe conditions and is capable of making and breaking resistive loads up to 24 kV and 20 kA.


The operating sequence of the breaker is:

CO – 0.25 s – CO – 0,25 s – CO – 0,25 s - CO


The Vacuum Circuit Breakers are installed at:

KEMA High – Power Laboratory

Arnhem, The Netherlands

Phone No: 31 26 356 2991

KEMA High - Power Laboratory

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