CAD Computer Aided Design

EPS remains at the forefront of innovative technology; not only on the products it produces but also the tools it uses to produce these designs and products. EPS maintains a fully supported current suite of Solidworks Premium 3D CAD software. EPS also has embedded simulation facilities as well as extended Solidworks Simulation Professional and Electrostatic analysis software.

CAM Computer Aided Manufacture

From Screen to Machine, complementing the EPS design resources, we also have fully supported SolidCAM software. This enables EPS to produce all the necessary G-Code or other codes to manufacture components on a variety of CNC machining centres and lathes. Coupled with our own in house CNC machining centres this enables EPS to offer innovative designs and fit for purpose rapid prototyping.

3D Printing

Staying ahead of the game, EPS is one of only a few companies’ worldwide offering design and manufacture of rapid prototype parts manufacture using “Fused Deposition Technology” specifically for the switchgear industry. Concept designs, parts and patterns can be made direct from our high end CAD systems enabling functional fit for purpose plastic components to be produced.

Benefits of outsourcing to EPS

There are many benefits to outsourcing Research and Development to EPS.

EPS has invests in hardware, software, test facilities and expertise, so as one of our valued clients don’t carry the additional capital cost to get the job done. By leveraging EPS assets to the benefit of your project you save time and money. 

Key benefits when considering outsourcing include: 

  • Milestone gates to track project progress and to keep a tight grip on costs
  • Dedicated Project Manager for the duration of your project
  • Appropriate focused skill sets deployed on each aspect of the project
  • Reliable and experienced staff

To keep control of your budget and deliver your project on time, give EPS a call today.